Biographies and references

Jeremy Bryan is a musician, educator, and author with a background in youth work, leader-training, creative consulting, and nonprofit arts outreach. He has won many awards, including an Independent Publisher's Award and a Parent's Choice Gold Award, for his writing and his music. He holds a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies from UW-Milwaukee and his thesis was published in the book
"Hip-Hop(e): The Cultural Practice and Critical Pedagogy of International Hip-Hop (Adolescent Cultures, School, and Society)" which won the 2014 AESA (American Educational Studies Association) Critics Choice Award.

Jeremy John Bryan
  I am an independant recording artist, producer, and live -streamer from Milwaukee, Wi,  and the creator of Project Emergent.  I have always worked with youth or music in one way or another.  As a young adult I mentored teens through a state social program and juvenile detention center.  I have spent many years doing live music productions for churches.  I have also spent many years as a semi-professional mountain bike racer and athletic trainer who also competes and livestreams in an online interactive virtual cycling game.  After one too many sports injuries I wanted to take my experience with young adults, music, performing, and live-streaming and create a unique, pioneering, inclusive, collective experience that is Project Emergent.
Lindsay Guerra
Born and rasied in Milwaukee, Wi, Luis (Sito Rivers) spent 8 years living in Puerto Rico and traveling around the world absorbing musical influences from each culture he encountered from the hip-hop of the streets of Milwaukee, to the Reggaeton of Puerto Rico and everything in between. While in Puerto Rico he aquired an associates degree in audio engineering and studied under producers such as Jose"Pepe" Ojeda. After returning he hooked up with Dave Olsen and  "The Figureheads" in Milwaukee to continue his learning. Luis has produced and engineered for DNA in Puerto Rico and The Bridge Collective in Milwaukee, WI. Luis has spent many years creating original music to be used in schools in both Puerto Rico and Milwaukee. Over the years and through varied experiences he developed his own unique approach to music making and constantly expands his horizons with different styles and sounds.
Luis Rivera