online interactives

Live streaming, Music Production, Instagram & facebook

Live Streaming
P.E.  hosts a regularly recurring livestream where youth are invited to join the live video chat to share their daily life experiences, music interests and preferences, help choose song topics, help write lyrics, and help choose some stylistic and sound elements of the songs like beats, synths, and melodies. Sometimes actual vocal recording may be done by the P.E. artists hosting the live stream.  We then produce the songs into a legitimate album release that will be available on all the most popular  music distribution sites. The youth that contributed will be credited on the Project Releases! We also use this music for performances in which case we have music that was made FOR youth, and in part, BY youth.

Instagram and facebook
The P.E. Instagram profile and Facebook page are meant to be an online space where youth can "hang out". They are meant to create a culture of expression and encouragement and are heavily moderated to insure  a safe, appropriate, and encouraging space. Youth are encouraged to post there about things like how their school day went, songs they love, pictures of the hobbies and interests they are exploring. There are ongoing submission opportunities for
poetry/lyric/creative writing, and for the profile and cover Page photos for those  who like to draw, do graphics,  tag-style art, and who enjoy taking stylistic and creative  photos. These are featured on the Page and Profile on a weekly basis. Those  that  are active in the spaces  may be given creative and administrtive roles. These are also a place for youth to interact with The Project and it's music.
Twitch channel