​For Schools
School performances are high energy and interactive. Students are asked lots of questions, given call and response roles in songs, and given opportunities to dance.  The tone of the performances is heavy on themes such as finding your potential, pursuing dreams, goals, and vision,  and knowing and respecting the value and worth of yourself and others.  They can also address more specific topics such as bullying and including kids with special needs.  We would love to see the Project be a powerful resource for schools  who have  lost students because of violence, suicides, or overdoses, etc, to help students work through the effects of  these events on a school community.  As the Project grows there is the exciting opportunity for youth who have participated in the interactive online platforms to hear songs performed that they helped create!
summerfest 2017
Other Avenues

  • COMMUNITY GROUPS  or organizations that want some inspiring and positive interactive entertainment.

  • CONCERT VENUES   that just need some high energy good music.

  • JUVENILE FACILITIES  or group homes that would benefit from a
  • hopeful message and moving music.

  • COLLEGES or ART SCHOOLS  that want to learn more about the project or benefit from a workshop.

Song/lyric/poetry writing workshops can be done in conjunction with or apart from a performance.  They are a great way for people to grow in expressing life through the written and spoken word.  They can also include musical elements of how different sounds or flow in a song can help convey the feeling or message trying to be expressed.  These can work for most venues.  
For Colleges or  Art schools/classes they can be more in depth and cover a broader range.
please contact us for pricing info